In selections

Selections create brand trust.

isolated and inspired only runs handpicked selections of remarkable entertainment content. Rather counter-intuitively, providing less recommendations becomes better, since it helps audiences believe such content exists and reverses the paradox of choice. Our selections are made to build trust, they succeed in retaining users better than traditional content recommendation systems by not only recommending new content to users but also reminding them of the type of content we already recommend.

In branding

Big ideas reach big audiences.

Our targeting is never directed at niches, we work to attract big audiences and solve large-scale problems. A big part of our marketing approach, however, is niche-inspired. We create websites that have specific and clear value to both the tech-savvy user and the heavy consumer of entertainment.

In social media

User-driven, all the way.

We don’t burden our followers’ news feeds with unnecessary or excessive posting. We post at a maximum frequency of one post a day. When curating content, we never use slideshows or pagination, making our content easy to read and share.